The Bibace 5 Minute Test

What is the key to all good relationships?

Find out for yourself if you know the answer. So far, no one has, though many thought they did.

Therefore, the chances are that you are probably like the hundreds of people who only discovered the answer and thereby gained considerable insight, by doing the test.

In that case you may also want to read the book, because it could improve the quality of your life significantly.

The Bibace Self Test:

1.  Make a mental list of up to 5 people with whom you feel you have the best relationships.

2.  Make a second list of up to 5 people who make you feel the best about yourself

3.  If the lists are identical or almost identical, you have your answer.

The people with whom you have the best relationships are also the ones who make you feel the best about yourself!

Therefore the key to all good relationships is the desire and ability of one person to make another feel good about him/herself.

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