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The author, Ronald Bibace, was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1934 of French speaking parents. He grew up speaking French, English, Italian, and Arabic, which was a common experience for Egyptian born individuals of European ancestry.

His family of Sephardic Jews was originally from Spain. The family had to leave in 1492 for North Africa because Spanish Queen Isabella decreed that all non-Catholics would have to convert to Catholicism, leave, or be killed.

Ronald attended English speaking schools in Alexandria and left for Canada in 1952 to attend the University of British Columbia, where he did two years of undergraduate work.

In 1954 he moved to Montreal, to which his uncle Joseph Pardo had emigrated from Egypt, to attend McGill University. He graduated from McGill in 1956 with a Bachelor of Commerce
Degree and obtained a Licentiate in Accounting in 1956. (A bachelor of Commerce degree is the equivalent of a Business Administration degree in the USA.) A Licentiate in Accounting is the requirement in Canada to become a Chartered Accountant, which he then became. (A Chartered
Accountant is the Canadian equivalent of a Certified Public Accountant in the USA.)

In 1957 he started a real estate brokerage business in Montreal. In 1960 he married Joska Levy and had two children; Claudia in 1964 and Wendy in 1969. In 1962 he graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, (then called Sir George Williams University) with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1971 he moved his family to South Florida and continued a successful career in real estate brokerage and construction, landscaping and other business activities.

In 1995, although not a lawyer, he wrote the continuation of the Federalist Papers as a labor of love and signed it PUBLIUS II (the original Federalist papers written by Madison, Hamilton,

and Jay were signed PUBLIUS). The work is available on his Web site at www.constitutionalguardian.com, addressing certain constitutional issues he deems particularly important to the welfare of the nation. That work and this book are the only two literary efforts by this writer